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Istituto Piepoli was founded in 2003 and is a Leader Company in Italy for marketing and consulting based on targeted market surveys. Nicola Piepoli is the company’s President.
A sole Italian Social Capital Company (€ 570,200.00), the Institute has offices in Milan and Rome.
Certified ISO 9001, Istituto Piepoli is a partner of major domestic and international market research association, ASSIRM and ESOMAR.


The company’s main activity refers to Marketing.

The group of researchers of the Institute – used to International standard survey techniques and methods – come from the most dissimilar fields: Economy, Philosophy, Information Technology, Engineering, Psychology, Sociology, Linguistics, Semiotics, Cultural Studies, Communication and Massmedialogy, Literary Criticism, Political Science and Statistics.

The company operates regularly, not only in Italy, but worldwide.

For over 40 years, Piepoli and its partners have collaborated with the most prestigious domestic and international companies. As of 2009, Istituto Piepoli regularly takes part in missions organized by ICE, Confindustria and Abi, under the aegis of the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in various Countries: from Vietnam to Brazil, from Russia to China. Contacts developed make us the Institute that mostly represents Italy worldwide.



SKY News
Istituto Piepoli on SKY TG24. The results of public opinion's monitoring last week.

Public Opinion.
Istituto Piepoli on La Stampa - The news that five more hit the Italians every Wednesday on the national daily "La Stampa"

Master MitMea 2011-2012.
Istituto Piepoli, "Dante Alighieri" University of Reggio Calabria: Master Marketing Intelligence.

L'opinione degli italiani-Annuario 2010
L'OPINIONE DEGLI ITALIANI-Annuario 2011, by Nicola Piepoli and Roberto Baldassari. Edited by FrancoAngeli.

A community of Opinion Leaders that puts together the best ‘brains’ of the Country in the many fields that control its economical, social and cultural life. Thanks to the constant collaboration with both the Academic world and the Communication & Marketing field, Piepoli Institute has created two new proposals:
ITALIAN ACADEMY A panel of Teachers and Students of major Italian universities. Italian Academy represents a meeting point between the present and the future.
BEAUTIFUL MIND A panel of Leaders of prime Italian companies, such as Managing Directors, General M
Our Scientific Committee is made up of Italian Professors of international prestige and Leaders of the economical, social, and industrial fields. The members of this Committee assist our Survey Directors in their daily work and take part in the birth and development of new projects and research methods.

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